Production since 2006

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Production since 2006



станки для холодной ковки Мастер Универсал

Master Universal 


Profile pipe (max. 50х50 mm)


Full square and circle (max. 25х25 mm)


Strip (мах. 40х8 mm)


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Master Blacksmith



Bends and forges with a pressure of 50 tons (hot forging operations - blank up to 36 mm, decorative bending operations - blank up to 25 mm)




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кузнечное оборудование Мастер Витой трубы

Master Twisted trumpet


MAX pipe wall 6 mm, diameter 219 mm




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станки для художественной ковки Трубо Мастер

Master 3M


Profile pipe


Full square and circle




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оборудование для холодной ковки Мастер Пресс

Master Press


Forging with a pressure of 31 tons




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About company

MAN Manufacturing Company produces electro-hydraulic forging equipment since January 2006. Production is located in Russia (the city of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region). We supply machines worldwide. Our main goal is to create high-quality equipment for decorative ironwork that meets all customers' requirements.
When purchasing Master series equipment, you get a modern machine for classic and luxury metal forging and acquire: 
  • More than 12 years of experience in equipment engineering and study of forgers’ needs
  • Attention of sales department representatives during and after the equipment purchase
  • Striving of each employee to create the best machine ever
  • Domestic manufacturing satisfying the demands of the most discerning consumers
  • Wide functionality: application of patterns, cold and hot forging, spiral winding and longitudinal twisting, production of bends and arcs


Full cycle of own production of parts and rigging of the machine tools "Master":

  1. blanking site: includes a number of band saw machines-semiautomatic machines and CNC (Bulgaria); installation of gas-plasma cutting of sheet metal (up to 200 mm thick) with CNC Scorpion (Czech Republic);
  2. park of machine tools: universal lathes and CNC; milling machines power, wide-universal and with CNC three- and four-coordinate; gear-milling, grooving and planing machines; grinding group machines; sandblasting for the preparation or finishing of parts;
  3. heat treatment section of parts: high-temperature furnaces for heating parts and installation of surface heating by high-frequency currents (HDTV-hardening);
  4. the painting site and the assembly site, the working run-in of the "Master" machine tools;
  5. stock.

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